5 main latest Hong Kong food service market trends by InvestHK.
Introduction of the definition of “employees” and “self-employed individuals” under Hong Kong’s Employment Ordinance, using the case of Uber Eats
5 trends about the new consumers’ needs that businesses are facing, and the related solutions, based on the new published
Some examples of business related to this trend and the reasons why Hong Kongers are seeking “healing” from these services
“KOL” is being seen to be powerful influencers even in the post-COVID-19 era, bringing “social commerce” and “live commerce” as
The Census and Statistics Department (CSD) of Hong Kong Government has issued the “Women and Men in Hong Kong -
Happy New Year 2022! MAY Planning wishes you a lot of joy and happiness during this holiday season.
Businesses have been aided by technologies that helped them deliver better, faster, and cheaper products and services.  Digital transformation refers to
“The Covid-19 outbreak pushed digitization forward for 8 to 10 years.” said by Mok Wai-hin Peter, head of Strategic Partnership

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